Home brewing course


Learn to brew craft beer from just 30p a pint

In 6 hours you’ll witness the full brewing process using easily available homebrew equipment. We’ll start with filtered water, then mash grains, sparge, boil and finally pitch yeast for the full brewing experience.

Along the way you’ll be welcomed to stir, strain, mix, measure and taste. Learn the difference between lager and ale, bitter and stout. We’ll look at the different grains and hops and help you learn the different flavours these contribute.


Home brewing course contents:


Each brewer will receive the following on the day…


  • A full home brewing experience
  • A guide to brewing your own beer
  • A set of beer recipes to replicate favourites such as Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, London Pride or Dark star’s Hophead
  • A brew-sheet and notepad for taking notes on the day
  • A cooked lunch – variations for dietary requirements are available on request
  • Tasters to understand different hop flavours and grains

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